The magnolia bears the largest flowers of all the shrubs that can bloom in our climate. This blossom is a wonderful announcement that spring has begun or is about to begin in our country. Some magnolias blossom as early as March. The magnolia tree requires relatively little care and there are hybrids that are also suitable for a smaller garden. The magnolia is more versatile than many people think and not just beautiful in the spring.

The best known species
The best known is Magnolia Soulangeana. It can reach a height of five metres and blooms exceptionally richly. There are various colour varieties, but white and pink or a combination of these are most common. If you have a smaller garden, Magnolia Soulangeana will soon become too large and you should choose one of the smaller hybrids:

Magnolia Susan. This American shrub reaches a maximum height of 2 metres and its flowers are a particularly attractive pink with a lighter shade on the inside. The American newcomer is increasingly seen in Dutch gardens.
Magnolia Stellata. The star-shaped flowers brighten up any garden in spring. The shrub stays rather small.
Magnolia Yellow River. The yellow flowers are very striking and the shrub does not grow large. This species is less common in our country.

Buying a magnolia
When purchasing a new magnolia, it goes without saying that you should check its good appearance and that the leaves are not discoloured or drooping. However, it is also very important that the roots are not damaged. You should therefore be very careful when digging up, transporting and planting. The roots are a well-known weak point in this otherwise strong shrub.

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